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County Highway - Winter Road Conditions
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The conditions reported on this page only represent conditions of routes maintained by the Sangamon County Highway Department. Conditions on roads maintained by the State of Illinois, cities, villages, townships or other entities may be different than what is reported here.

The Sangamon County Highway Department and Sangamon County hereby give notice to all users that these maps and the data included hereon, lack the accuracy required for site-specific uses. Since all boundaries and all data are based on information derived from multiple sources within and outside of Sangamon County, the Sangamon County Highway Department  makes no representation, guarantee, or warrant, either express or implied, regarding the accuracy of these maps or the data furnished thereon, including, but not limited to, the condition of this product, this product's merchantability, or this product's fitness for any particular purpose or use.




Road Condition Values:

0 - Green - Clear of Ice and Snow

1 - Yellow - Patches of Ice and Snow

2 - Red - Ice and Snow Covered

3 - Black - County Highway Closed


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